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There are currently 16 names in this directory beginning with the letter F.
Family consultant
a psychologist and/or social worker who specialises in children and family issues that may occur after separation.

Family counselling
counselling provided to a couple (and their children) to deal with issues regarding the relationship and issues resulting from a separation.

Family dispute resolution
a process whereby a family dispute resolution practitioner assists people to resolve some or all of their disputes with each other following separation.

Family Law Act 1975 (‘the Act’)
the law in Australia which covers family law matters.

Family law registry
a public area at a Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia where people can obtain information about the court and its processes and where parties file documents in relation to their case.

Family law watch list
a list held by the Australian Federal Police to stop a person taking a child out of Australia. Also known as the “Airport Watch List”.

Family relationships centres
services funded by the Federal Government to provide information, advice and dispute resolution to help separated couples reach agreement without going to court.

Family report
a written assessment of a family by a family consultant. A family report is prepared to assist the court in making decisions in a case about children.

Family violence
Domestic and family violence occurs when someone tries to control their partner or other family members in ways that intimidate or oppress them. Controlling behaviours can include threats, humiliation, emotional abuse, physical assault, sexual abuse, financial exploitation and social isolation, such as not allowing contact with family or friends.

the process of lodging a document at a family law registry for placing on the court file.

Final order
an order made by a court that brings the case to a close.

Financial abuse
controlling a person’s ability to get, use or save money and other financial resources. A type of family violence.

Financial contribution
contributions by a person in a relationship to the acquisition, conservation and improvement of any property of the parties.

Financial Statement
is a document filed with the court that provides a summary of the financial details of the party. This includes information about income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and superannuation. A Financial Statement is required for any case where an order for spousal maintenance is sought.

a decision made by a court about a matter in dispute between the parties after considering the evidence.

Frivolous and vexatious application
an application that is started with no reasonable prospect of success. A frivolous application is an application that is not serious. A vexatious application may be an application that was started to annoy or embarrass the other party.