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There are currently 6 names in this directory beginning with the letter E.
Enforcement order
an order made by a court to force a party or person comply with an order.

Equal shared care of children
used to describe when children have equal (or close to equal) amounts of time with each parent after separation,

Equal shared parental responsibility
an order of the court that requires parents to consult each other and make joint decisions about major long term issues for their child, including medical, religious, educational, cultural and living arrangements. Does not include day to day decisions, for example, what a child eats orwears.

verbal or written statements of witnesses, documents and other items used to support a party’s case in court.

Ex parte hearing
is a hearing where one party is not present and has not been given notice of the application before the court. These hearings usually only apply to urgent matters.

documents or objects that are excepted by the court as evidence to support a case.