About Us

Sage Family Lawyers provide simplified and calm advice and representation in all aspects of family and de facto relationship law.

Our goal is simple: provide you with a negotiated and fair outcome in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. But if court proceedings are necessary, we will expertly represent you to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

About Us

Our approach


We provide a measured and confident voice in what can be a volatile situation. We put you at ease and give you control.


We are experienced, highly skilled and hard-working. You can rely on us to work hard for you.


We are on your side. We are empathetic but are unafraid to be strong and fearless when needed.


In our advice and in our honesty. We talk in a way you can understand so you are always clear on what is going on. We will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.


“Thank you, Natalie. Your experience and knowledge of family law were extensive and invaluable. I had nothing but total trust in your advice and professionalism. I have come out of this last two years not only with a good financial outcome, but I feel empowered by the process thanks to the genuine caring support and guidance from you.”


“From the outset of my matter, you were calm, confident, and totally professional in handling the difficult situation. The process was made so much easier by your considered approach, I always felt better after speaking with you. Thank you, Paul.”


“Throughout the entire process you listened to my concerns and gave me expert advice in what was an extremely stressful time, which led to a great outcome that I am convinced I would not have achieved without you on my team.”


“Thank you Casey and Harriet. You were professional, decisive and child focused. Most importantly, you both supported me through tough decision making, mitigating burden and stress. Thanks for the solid outcome.”


“Throughout the entire process you listened to my concerns and gave me expert advice that not only gave me reassurance in what was an extremely stressful time, but also led to a great outcome that I am convinced would have been very different without you on my team.”


“The outcomes that you were able to achieve have enabled me to move on from a very difficult divorce with solid family and financial outcomes ensuring my secure future. All this was achieved without unnecessary expense and compassion for my situation.”