At Sage Family Lawyers we’re prepared: fully resourced and equipped to support all of our existing and new clients.

This global pandemic has created a universally difficult situation, and our team of Melbourne family law experts is acutely aware of the additional strain that the Covid-19 situation places on families and relationships – but particularly those already under stress.

In 2020, many people are facing increased financial pressures and job insecurity. Settlements are being interrupted, modified and delayed by fluctuating incomes and property prices; and all the new regulations affecting the real estate market.

Shared parenting arrangements – including those that usually function smoothly – have been thrown into turmoil by the restrictions imposed by public health policy. Social distancing, lockdown and quarantine measures plus altered school and childcare schedules, work-from-home requirements and limits on travel all create further tensions. Particularly difficult are the situations where ex-partners and those in disintegrating or abusive relationships find themselves unable to separate physically.

Distancing is no barrier to us serving you. We already use a variety of platforms to communicate and meet remotely; we have secure document transfer software in place; we prepare briefs and file electronically; we liaise with mediation and supervisory services online; and we are completely up-to-date with policy changes and the modified processes running throughout the courts.

In this volatile time, even the most solid relationships have been affected by hardship and trauma. More and more people are experiencing increased emotional burden. The only certainties we know are:

  • these anxieties are set to continue for quite a while for many of us.
  • the Sage team is here to support you.

We will help you identify your options and provide you with a path forward to a post-pandemic future that works for everyone.